New Links Banner Presented here, in no particular order, are our travels since moving to Kuala Lumpur in 2011, as well as some websites that were completed earlier, but never uploaded. The descriptors with a "VR" in front of them denote 360-degree tours that will run on desktop and mobile devices. Some of them will work in Google Cardboard or similar headsets, for a fully immersive tour. Look for a QR code beneath the tour. We hope to have all of these available for headset viewing by the end of 2020. These sites will link back to this page for a year, and then will be linked to the travel page.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico:
VRSMAVR San Miguel de Allende360 Tour
We have had a home in this picturesque Mexican City for fifteen years, and have finally put together three virtual tours which focus on the history and culture of San Miguel de Allende, the birthplace of Mexican Independence and an arts center par excellence. Follow the link to enjoy the beauty of SMA and learn about its historical and cultural legacy.

The Beach Village Resort, Sam Roi Yot, Thailand:
Link to Beach
The Beach Village Resort360 Tour
Located 4 1/2 hours south of Bangkok, the Beach Village is an idyllic little resort with a truly international clientele, and we are lucky enough to have a small townhouse there. Located 500 meters from Dolphin Bay in the Gulf of Thailand, it is a fully-featured resort. Here is a virtual tour of the resort grounds and amenities.

Tour Pura Taman Saraswati in Ubud Bali:
Pura Taman Saraswati TemplePura Taman Saraswati
360 Tour Icon
Although we have been to Bali many times and have several webpages devoted to past trips, one of its most beautiful sites, this temple in downtown Ubud (an inland artist colony) was never given its proper due. Recently I found a virtual tour of Pura Taman Saraswati, and organized a web page arounds. Come and view the spendor of this Hindu temple.

Naritasan Shinsoji Temple, Narita Japan:
Shinsoji TempleVR Naritasan Shinsoji Temple360 icon
Heading back to the U.S. in early fall of 2018, we had a long layover at Narita airport, just outside of Tokyo. This afforded us the opportunity to visit the Naritasan Shinsoji temple, a 1,000 year old temple complex, and the surrounding park. Beautiful and tranquil, it is more than worth the time if you are every in transit through Tokyo. Come see for yourself!

Wat Phra Kaew, Royal Palace, Bangkok:
Wat Phar KaewVR Wat Phra Kaew360 icon
This is a recent addition to our Bangkok pages. In late 2018 we were on a three-day visit to Bangkok and finally had the chance to visit Wat Phra Kaew. This temple complex serves as the resting place of the Rama Dynasty, the royal family of Thailand, and is the home to the Emerald Buddha, Thailand's most sacred Buddhist relic. Take our virtual tour!

Guan Yin Shrine, Sam Roi Yot, Thailand
Guan Yin ShrineVR Tour, Guan Yin Shrine
360 icon
You know you are getting close to our house in Thailand when you see this shrine of a woman encircled by a dragon. The Guan Yin shrine, dedicated to the Buddhist "Goddess of Mercy," marks the entrance to our part of "undiscovered Thailand." Clink on the link or photo to access a virtual tour of this shrine.

Thung Wetlands, Sam Roi Yot, Thailand:
Visit Thung Wetland Thung Sam Roi Yot Wetlands360 icon
Just over the nearby mountains from our townhouse in Thailand is the country's largest wetlands, something we discovered only recently. Teeming with flora and fauna, it is accessible only via boat tours through its marshy waterways. In 2018 we got up before the sunrise to experience the start of the day, and create this virtual tour to share the experience with you. Take the tour from the comfort of your own home. . .

Phraya Nakhon Temple Cave, Sam Roi Yot, Thailand:

Phraya Nakhon Temple CavePhraya Nakhon Temple360 icon
One of the highlights of any trip to Sam Roi Yot National Park, the Phraya Nakhon Temple is a small temple located in a cave at the top of a mountain, a site visited by several of the kings of the Rama Dynasty. Accessed via a rocky 430 meter climb, hikers are rewarded with this jewel of a temple located deep in a limestone cavern with a skylight over the temple, a magical site.  We did the climbing for you, and offer you a virtual tour of the temple in both desktop and VR modes. Click on the link above to enter.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam:
Saigon and its Environs

A number of years before moving to Kuala Lumpur, we spent a Christmas holiday in and around Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). In addition to the sites and restaurants in District 1 (Old Saigon), we also ventured a bit farther afield to My Tho in the Mekong river and also to Anoasis resort. Come see the markets, the museums, and the culture of this section of Vietnam.

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei:
Tour the Empire Hotel and Meet the Sultan

During our Thanksgiving break of November 2003, we took advantage of travel specials offered at the end of Hari Raya, a major Muslim holiday, to visit the country of Brunei. Located on an island that is also home to East Malaysia, Brunei is an oil-rich nation whose Sultan is the world's richest monarch. We stayed at the fabulous Empire Resort and Country Club, and were lucky enough to see the Istana, the Sultan's palace, opened to visitors for the three days following Hari Raya.

Siem Reap, Cambodia:
Tour the Ruins of Angkor Wat360 icon

This website is the result of two trips, 14 years apart. The first trip to Siem Reap resulted in a map-based virtual tour, an architectural survey of most of the temples in the area. In 2018 we returned with new technology which allowed us to create VR (virtual reality) based tours of two of the most important complexes, the vast Angkor Wat temple, and the  temples enclosed within the old city walls of Angkor Thom. These tours provide a much more interactive look at the complexes, as they offer 360 degree viewing, as well as embedded maps, videos, and photos. They may also be viewed in headsets such as Google Cardboard.

Luang Prabang, Laos:
Take a Virtual Tour of Luang Prabang's "Old City"
360 icon
Luang Prabang is a lovely city, full of things to see and do, all in a relaxed atmosphere. Even traveling there as we did twice during the winter holiday season, it was never crowded and the proximity of most sites and activities make it the ideal town to explore at your leisure. We have created three virtual tours which we hope capture the Luang Prabang experience, a Mekong River Cruise, a tour of Luang Prabang's old City, and a tour of the Wats of Luang Prabang within the old city.

Melaka, Malaysia:
MelakaCrossroads of the Ancient World360 icon
In the period when the Indian Ocean was the dominant world trade network, Melaka was one of the most important ports in the world. The history of Melaka is a microcosm of the history of Southeast Asia, as traders from Africa, the Arab world, India and China all left their mark. It also felt the impact of colonialism under the Portuguese, Dutch, and English. Our Melaka page covers these experiences in two virtual tours, one of the colonial Majestic Hotel and the other a tour of Melaka's historical district.

Langkawi, Malaysia:

Four Seasons LangkawiOur Trip to the Four Seasons Langkawi

This was the first leg in an epic 2007 spring holiday, a trip to the Malaysian island of Langkawi. We stayed at the Four Seasons Langkawi and sampled all of the delights that it had to offer: food, accomodations, and activities. Visit this island paradise that was our home for five blissful nights and learn all that it has to offer the pampered traveler!

Batu Caves:

Batu Caves

Tour the Hindu Temple Caves360 icon

The Batu Caves are one of  only 10 Shrines in the world dedicated to the Hindu god Murugan. The complex, which consists of numerouse shrines housed in 4 limestone caves is the focal point in Malaysia for the Tamil celebration of Thaipusam. This page offers a virtual tour of the entire complex, including the caves, and explains the major temples and the deities to whom they are dedicated. Click on the heading above or on the photo to the left to learn more about the temples and their gods.

Thulhagiri, Maldive Islands:

ThulagiriOur trip to the Maldives
On the second leg of our epic spring break of 2007 we traveled to Thulhagiri Island Resort
on the northern atoll of the Maldive Islands. It was a return after a long hiatus for Tracy and Dale's first trip to this storied holiday destination. We spent our time snorkeling, fishing and dining on great seafood while enjoying the white sand and crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

Helsinki, Finland:
Virtual Tour of HelsinkiA Virtual Tour of Helsinki360 icon
In the summer of 2019 we began and ended our trip to the Baltic region (in our case, Finland, Sweden, and Latvia) with overnight stays in Helsinki. Although we did not get to see as much of the city as we had hoped, we did put together a virtual tour of some of the "must-sees" for anyone with a layover in Finland's capital city.

Sweden SiteTour Sweden360 icon
Our summer 2019 trip continued in Sweden where we visited Stockolm, touring Gamla Stan (shown in the photo to the lef)t, the Vasa Museum, and Kungsholmen Island. We then traveled north to the university town of Uppsala before sampling the pleasures of a Swedish summer on the island of Oland, Sweden's summer playground.


Visit Latvia

In early July 2019 we took a southern turn on our Baltic Tour to visit Latvia. Our travels took us to Riga, Jurmala, Cesis and Amatciems, and included tours of castles, medieval cities, Cold War Bunkers, and Food festivals. C Click on the "Visit Latvia" heading or on  the photo to take a tour of this magical place, with its blend of ancient history and unspoiled nature.

Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia: The Finest Exhibit of Muslim Art in SE AsiaUNDER CONSTRUCTION

Islamic Art MuseumVisit the Islamic Arts Museum
The Islamic Art Museum in Kuala Lumpur hosts the largest collection of Muslim artifacts in Southeast Asia, and is a building we visit several times a year with visitors, always learning something new. This webpage features a 360 degree virtual tour of the museum and its permanent galleries, as well as a virtual tour of one of the special galleries that housed a spectacular painting/photo exhibit of the Hajj in the 19th century.

Margaret River, Australia: The Wine Country--Then and Now

Visit Margaret River
We have made two trips to the Margaret River wine region of Western Australia, one in March of 2006 when living in Singapore, and a return trip with family in December of 2019. The latest trip description features a virtual tour of the wineries we visited. Tour the wineries and see what a difference 14 years makes!

Colmar Tropical and Tanjong Jara Resort: Our Travels in the Time of Covid-19

Visit Tanjong Jara Resort
After spending 3 months in pandemic lockdown, the Malaysian Control Order (M.C.O.) was "eased" in June 2020. In the middle of that month we left our neighborhood for the first time since March, taking a day trip to the faux-French village of Colmar, in the mountains of central Malaysia. About one month later we took our first overnight adventure, journeying across the same mountains to the east coast of Malaysia to spend a week at the Tanjong Jara Resort.

Fripp Island, South Carolina: A Favorite Holiday Retreat

Fripp Island

Tour the Vistas of Fripp Island

A perenially favorite holiday spot of ours, Fripp Island is the outermost island in a barrier chain off the coast of South Carolina. No visit to the US is  complete without a stop there to spend time with Tracy's family. We have created a virtual tour of some of the island's scenic spots, which you may access by clicking on the photo to the left, or on the link above.

Croatia: A Gem of Eastern Europe

Croatia Site

Discover the Charms of Eastern Europe360 icon

We were fortunate enough to spend 10 months in Croatia, as Tracy accepted a one-year teaching position at the American International School of Zagreb.  During that time we used sunny weekends and school holiday to visit not only its famed coastline, but also its stunning interior, a mixture of natural beauty and European charm.  You may access the tour by clicking on the photo to the left, or on the link above.

Slovenia: In the Shadow of the Alps
SloveniaCastles, Coastline, Cosmopolitan Life in the shadow of the Alps360 icon
Slovenia is much more than just the birthplace of the former first lady Melania (aka Ms. I Really Don't Care, Do You?). It is a beautiful country with views of the Julian Alps, fairytale castles and cities oozing with old world charm. Fortunately for us, it was just a two hour ride from Zagreb. Come and sample the charm of Lubljana, the ancient Roman ruins of Piran, and the storybook Bled Castle overlooking the lake of the same name.

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