Pansea Hotel
The Pansea Hotel is a renovated teak plantationThe Pansea is adorned with little touches such as thisThe Pansea Hotel, located on the northwest side of Yangon, is built on the site of an old teak plantation. It is a wonderful place that has much of the charm and service of the Strand Hotel, at prices closer to that of Traders. The photo to the left shows the entryway leading to the hotel, as well as a glimpse of the grounds, while the photo to the right gives a taste of the style of the Pansea, with an oxcart and umbrella at the entrance to the hotel.

The view of the pool from the covered entrywayAs one approaches the main entrance to the Pansea, the covered walkway turns to a bridge that passes between the  beautiful pool area (shown to the left) and a garden and fishpond pond area that forms part of the outdoor dining. The hotel restaurant features excellent French cuisine, which we enjoyed by candlelight at a table next to the fishpond.

The interior of the hotel is, as one might expect, a statement in teak It retains much of its colonial heritage, visible in the simple but elegant wooden construction. The photo to the left displays the handsome blend of wooden beams and white plastered wall in the entry hall. This picture looks from the room back toward the reception area and pool.

The rooms at the Pansea Hotel are spacious and liveableAnd the rooms themselves? Well, as you can see from the photo to the left, they are spacious, featuring a banquette under a large picture window. The window is shuttered with hand-made teak blinds and adorned with hand-made cushions. The floor and trim are teak while the white walls give the rooms an airy feel. It is both a beautiful and livable room, a statement which echoes our feeling about the Pansea Hotel in general. If you are looking for a bit of affordable elegance in Yangon, this is the place to stay.

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