Fall Break: The Cedars, Beiteddine Palace & Kefraya Winery

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The Cedars of the Chouf Mountains:
The Cedars of the Chouf-Click here for a larger imageOur fall break was spent heading south and eastward to the The Cedars of the Chouf-Click here for a larger imageChouf mountains that separate Lebanon from Syria. We ascended the western side of the mountain, pausing at the cedars of the Chouf, one of only two cedar groves left in all of Lebanon. Sadly, only a relatively small grove of trees remain, the last vestige of Lebanon's most famous export to the ancient world. The spot affords a beautiful view of the coastal valley as we paused before continuing up the mountain.


The Beiteddine Palace:

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Palace of Emir Amine:
The Emir Amine Palace-Click here for a slightly larger imageWhile visiting the Beiteddine Palace, we stayed at the Emir Amine Palace, built by the Sheik of Beiteddine for one of his sons. Apparently, it's good to the be the son of an Amir. We had a large room with huge wooden doors, looking out over the valley below. Sunny and airy, its style was reflective of the rooms in Beiteddine.


Kefraya Winery:
The Vineyard--click to enlargeThe following morning, we left the Chouf mountains, descending the eastern slope and stopped to visit one of Lebanon's larger wineries, Kefraya. The winery is located in the southern section of Lebanon's Bekka valley, the winery itself isTracy, the Wine Taster-Click to enlarge housed in a former villa.  We were greeted by a  tour guide, known to the wine purveyors of ACS as simply "Kefraya Pam." She took us on a tour of the fields, the winery, and then allowed us to sample a wide variety of their stock. We stocked up our "wine cellar" before heading back to Beirut!

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