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Baalbek is perhaps the most spectacular archeological site in Lebanon and it is among the largest and best preserved set of Roman ruins in the world. No trip to Lebanon is complete without a visit to this remarkable place. However, the history of Baalbek is not confined to the Roman conquests, for its history dates back to the first millenium B.C.E. One of the difficulties in appreciating such a site is that is difficult to get a sense of its scope from individual photos online. In light of this, we have created  (and, 18 years later, re-created) a virtual tour, consisting of interlocking 360 degree panoramas with embedded explanatory text and the original photographs within each scenes to provide a more accurate view of this amazing site.

Baalbek During Roman Rule:

Baalbek during Roman RuleBefore commencing the actual tour, let us get a sense of what the site looked like during the Roman Era. While its history stretches back much further, most of the ruins visible today harken from the time period.  The animated photo to the right shows an artist's recreation of the temple complex under Roman rule, and it is helpful to keep this "mental map" in mind as  your tour the ruins. The animated gif to the left cycles through a reconstruction of the Roman era and then a map of the current ruins. Try to keep this layout in mind as you tour the ruins.

Virtual Tour of Baalbek

Instructions: this virtual tour of Baalbek consists of six interlocking 360 degree panoramas with text and photos. There are three ways to navigate:

What to See: Each scene has a green text icon. Selecting that brings up an explanation of the scene. Links within the text will call up pictures in a new browser window. Just close that new window when you are done viewing

For best results, select "full screen" option

Other Interesting Sites:
The Temple Ruins are not the only points of interest around Baalbeck. Here are some of the other highlights:


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