Panorama 2

La Casa Amarilla


San Miguel de Allende

  Upstairs House Video 

View of the Entryway View of Lower Level  View from 2nd Floor Terrace 

The upstairs contains the master suite and a wrap-around balcony with a view of the San Miguel Viejo Mountains. The suite consists of four distinct areas: a small office/studio area, a full bath, the master bedroom with boveda ceiling and gas fireplace, and a small reading/sitting area adjacent to the terrace. These are all shown in the photos below.

Study/Studio area at the top of the stairs Another view of study or studio area

View of the sink area of the bathroomView of bathroom, including the tub

Master bedroom with fireplace

Bodeva ceiling over bed

Studio/Study Area Studio/Study Area Views of Bathroom and Tub The Master Bedroom Area

Boveda Ceiling

Sitting area adjacent to the terrace

The terrace entrance from the master bedroom

View of the  mountains and property from center of terrace

View of the lake from bedroom end of terrace

Sitting Area next to Terrace

Terrace Entrance from Bedroom

View of Mountains from the center of the Terrace

View of the Lake from bedroom side of Terrace

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