Panorama of the Interior

La Casa Amarilla


San Miguel de Allende

(View of the Lower Level--Same Crummy Resolution!)

View of the Entryway View of Lower Level  View from 2nd Floor Terrace 

EntranceDownstairs Powder RoomThe lower level is dominated by the living room, in the center of the house. The other first floor rooms are arrayed like spokes around it, as seen in the video above. The living room features a rounded boveda ceiling, and two couches by the fireplace. With the exception of the light coming from the boveda ceiling, the only other natural light the living room receives is from the rooms that ring it, keeping it cool -- even on the hottest days. The photo to the left shows the outside entrance to the living room, flanked by the stairs to the right and to the left a sitting room/library overlooking the cactus garden. The photo to the right shows the small powder room wedged in between the library and the entrance.

KitchenDining RoomContinuing to the right (in a clockwise fashion), we arrive at the kitchen (left) and the dining room (right) which opens unto an outdoor patio. The kitchen is rather long and narrow, as it must conform to the curvature of the house. This can be seen most clearly in the video below. The dining room, although small, is bright and airy, owing to the wall of exterior windows flooding it with light. Next to the living room is a set of stairs leading to the upper storey, also visible in the video below.

Panorama of Kitchen and Dining Room Area

Bedroom Portrait View

A glimpse of the living room

Continuing in a clockwise fashion, the next room is the first of two bedrooms, linked to both the living room and the library by sets of doors. The headboard and night stands are all fashioned from concrete; they are built into the house. The headboard is yet another of the architect/owner's creative touches, while two windows assure plenty of light. Following the curve of the room the first and second bedroom are divided by the fireplace shown in the photo to the right.

Second Bedroom To the right of the fireplace is the second bedroom, identical in size and composition to the first. It can be seen in the photo to the left.


Living Room and Boveda Ceiling

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