Venice, the city of canals. In contrast to the Renaissance focus of Florence, Venice offers visitors a cross-section of art and history from the Byzantine era through the 20th century.  We offer two ways to tour Venice:

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Venice 360 Virtual Tour
Directions: This series of interlocking 360-degree panoramas contains the same sites as the map below, but in a sequence moving from the southern tip of the island (the Peggy Guggenheim Museum) to the northernmost point in the tour (the Rialto Market). The links embedded within the panos is explained in the tour.

Venice Web Tour
Instructions: to visit the sites below, either click on the map "hotspots" indicated where the cursor changes into a hand, or click on the sites listed in alphabetical order in the table below. In either case, a separate window will open. Simply click on the "Close" button at the bottom of each page to return to this map.

Rialto MarketRialto BridgeGrand CanalSanta Maria Glorioso dei FrariBasilica San MarcoPalazzo DucalePiazza San MarcoCampo Santa MarheritaAccademia BridgeAccademia GalleryPeggy Guggenheim MuseumAccademia Bed and Breakfast
1. Accademia Bridge
4. Basilica San Marco VT*
7.  Palazzo Ducale
10.  Rialto Bridge
2. Accademia Bed & Breakfast
5. Campo Santa Margherita
8. Peggy Guggenheim Museum
11. Rialto Market
3. Accademia Gallery
6. Grand Canal
9. Piazza San Marco VT*
12. Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari VT*

*Sites marked VT contain separate map tours of their respective areas


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