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Once again our summer holiday began (and ended) with an overnight stopover in Helsinki. In anticipation of this, we prepared a list of sights that one could see in the city center if you have a long layover in the town. It is a short 28 minute train ride from Vaanta airport to the railway station in the city center. There are two tours presented below. The first is a map-based tour that features popup windows of the major attractions. It contains a bit more information, but is less immersive. The second is a 360 degree tour which is immersive, but does not contain explanatory videos, as these cannot be embedded in Google's VR Creator. Whichever  you choose, we hope you enjoy learning more about this fascinating capital city.

A Virtual Tour of Some of Helsinki's City Center Highlights
Instructions: You may tour this site either by clicking on the numbered images on the map, or by selecting a site from the table below. In either case a window will pop up, explaining that site. Simply click the "Close" button at the bottom of the popup window to return to the map. For the tour to work, you must have any ad-blocker disabled for this site. Please note that the "Close" button may not work on some mobile devices, in which case simply select the "Back" button on your browser or close the popup if it has opened in a separate window.
Helsinki Image MapUspenski Cathedral Old Market Market Square Esplanade Helsinki Cathedral Senate Square Temppeliaukion Church Museum of Contemporary Art Ateneum Art Museum Railway Square
1. Railway Square
4. Temppeliaukion Church
7. Esplanade
10. Uspenski Cathedral
2. Ateneum Art Museum
5. Senate Square
8. Market Square

3. Museum of Contemporary Art
6. Helsinki Cathedral
9. Old Market

 A 360 Tour of Some of Helsinki's City Center Highlights

Instructions: to move from scene to scene, please click on the white arrows at the bottom of the scene. To learn about each scene, simply click on the white information arrow in the bottom left corner. The scene will rotate to the relevant point of interest when you select it.

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