L'Adret de Ribas: Redux

Three years ago we visited L'Adret de Ribas, a beautiful villa outside the Provence town of Cabris. This summer were again the guests of our gracious hosts, Tracy's sister Laura and her husband, Ward. We spent a wonderful week at the villa, passing the time with trips to Gras to visit the perfumeries or to shop at the markets. We also frequented nearby Cabris for long dinners and pitchers of ros. The remainder of our time we spent eating leisurely meals at the villa (enhanced by the panoramic view shown below), chatting, swimming, exercising and reading. In short, doing exactly what one ought to do on vacation. While staying at L'Adret du Ribas, we updated our previous web page on L'Adret de Ribas to includes an additional  panorama (which should now work on all computers and all browsers) as well a few features of the villa that were overlooked last time.  In order to provide a more complete description of the villa, we have borrowed copy from the information sheet Mr. Owens provides his renters--frequent visitors to our pages will no doubt detect the the not-so-subtle improvement in the prose! We hope you enjoy returning  to L' Adret du Ribas as much as we did!

L' Adret du Ribas is on the balcony of the Cte d'Azur. It is perched on the side of the fragrant hills of the Alps Maritimes, which link historic Provence with the glamour and excitement of the Cte d'Azur. From L' Adret du Ribas there are spectacular vistas that stretch from St. Jean Cap Ferrat and Cap d'Antibes across Cannes to the Esterel Mountains. On clear Mediterranean nights the lighthouses of both Cap Ferrat and St. Tropez can be seen flashing in the distance. On festival nights in Cannes, the reflections of the fireworks can be seen sparkling in the Mediterranean.

[Larger Panoramic View from the Terrace]

Instructions: place your mouse in the revolving panorama. As you pass a link, a red box will appear, accompanied by a text description. Simply click in the square and a new page will appear. All the pictures on these pages may be enlarged by double-clicking on them. When you are finished with a page, close the window as you normally would, or click on the "Close" button at the bottom of the page, and you will be returned to the panorama. Please note that only the rooms at the top level and guest house are featured in the panorama. The remainder are featured in the links below

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