Tracy at Wimbledon

Centre Court Beckons!Centre CourtThis trip to Wimbledon was an added extra, unanticipated as it was. When Susan offered us her apartment, she also offered a ticket to the tennis matches, as her husband Huw would be unable to use his (having started his job down in Johannesburg). Dale said, "you go..." and I never looked back!





The SeedingsBreakfast of ChampionsWe arrived quite early -- a good thing as, even with tickets in hand, there were a couple of queues to deal with before actually entering the site. The picture to the left shows the main entrance to the Centre Court area, but there was little action there until later in the morning, so we started by scoping out the action on the grass courts. En route, of course, we stopped to check out the draw for the day, along with breakfast...strawberries and cream.

Steve Roddick in actionA view from Tracy's and Susan's seat These photos were taken from our vantage point in the Centre Court arena; I'd say we had perfect seats. (The only problem was the skinny guy next to Susan who didn't stop loudly chomping on an impressive array of snacks from 10 until we left at 7!) The day we were there (which was the last day of Opening Week), the champions of the day on Centre Court were V. Williams, Federer (of course) and Roddick. Not bad for Friday of the first week!

Martina Navratilova serving in doublesJennifer Capriati ready to serveIn between Centre Court matches, we'd return to the grass courts, where tennis celebs like Capriati and Navritalova were doing their thing. Martina was a riot --- and a real crowd-pleaser in her woman's doubles match. When one fellow called out something like "I never knew a 50 year-old woman could do that!" (after a fine overhead smash) she called back, "there's a lot more of this!"

Serena Williams warming upVenus ready to return a practice shotFor me, a highpoint of the day occurred early in the morning, as people were just coming out to warm up. At one point, Susan and I were looking in one direction when we heard a voice call out, "Step aside, please" and we looked up to see Serena and Venus walking along before us. We followed them (and weren't alone in this thought!) to the court on which they were to warm up. It was amazing; I found myself thinking of my sisters and playing tennis with them (as we did so often growing up). There they were, just like "normal" players -- first stretching and chatting, slowly moving back to the recesses of the court.


Those wacky Brits!The "crowd" at Wimbledon was almost as entertaining as was the tennis. Neither Susan nor I ever did figure out these "wizards," who appeared to spend the entire time walking around, attracting everyone's attention! My first Wimbledon, but not my last.




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